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"These chains are forged from
want and ignorance.
They are yours Scrooge.
Unless you deny them,
and their links be broken."

We teamed up with immersive maestros Harshorn Hook to bring the the classic Dickens Christmas ghost story to life.


Down a secret staircase to the vaults below London’s Mayfair, we transported audiences to the parlour of Ebenezer Scrooge to become redemptive spirits led by the ghost of Jacob Marley. Their task: To thaw the ice from around the heart of  Scrooge.

With original Victorian stage trickery, songs, games, barrels full of festive spirits and an extrordinary banquet we immersed our audience in the true meaning of Christmas.


Culinary Wizards Flavourology created a Christmas banquet which had to be tasted to be believed.

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