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For us to get a better idea of your voice and home recording capabilities we need a short sample from you. An external microphone is essential along with a quiet space free of background noise pollution.
If the recording is of good quality, we will pair you up with a team and assign you a poem to bring to life, working with you to produce a gloriously exciting piece.
Please record the following:
- Your full name -
"In the murky depths of rotten lakes,
Near where the bullrush meets the breaks,
She sits and watches, lurks and waits
For you to make your last mistake.
She’s always there, in water found
And has been -  since the day she drowned.
And there she stays planning deeds,
That will yield her up her yearly feed."
Things to Consider:
Leave a few seconds of ambient room sound before and after the recording. 
In terms of style, try to draw the listener into the world.
Think more campfire story than declamatory poetry.
Create an intimacy between you and the listener.
Find the balance between the rhythm and pace of the poetry and rhymes.
It might be helpful to think of the narrator as a character.
Are they trustworthy? What are they trying to do to the listener by telling this story?
Send in your recording
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