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Site-specific audio experiences

The secret to creating something special is to weave the truth into a thrilling narrative. 


We strive to unearth the unusual, strange and curious features of your site or collection. We will work closely with your team, local historians and even the lady-down-the-road whose Cousin once knew the Earl who visited! 



Well crafted storytelling is at the heart of our company. It forms the backbone of every project we undertake. 

We aim to immerse your visitors in the story of your site. With flair, attention to detail and an intricate knowledge of how the medium works. Whatever your story, our goal is to ensure it has a memorable impact on your visitors. 

We use original composition, binaural sound effects, the most exciting voice talent and have a network of brilliant musicians and sound designers. So whether you need a gently lilting underscore, a rousing battle symphony or the sound of frogs dropping from the sky, we’ve got it covered.  


Once you have your shiny new audio adventure, you’ll need the visuals to market it. We can help with that. Our in-house design team can produce all the visual publicity along with any copy, posters, leaflets, and web design ideas so you can promote it with ease. 


Every space is unique and every project different. We work alongside you to find the best means of presenting your audio experience. 


We partner with established tech companies to bring you the most suitable means of delivering your audio. Whether you require hardware, an app, or just a simple sound file, there’s an option for all budgets. 

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We believe that every space deserves to have the most engaging, exciting

and magical version of its story brought to life.

We utilize binaural and ambisonic sound to bring your space to life,

connecting our audio magic with the visuals of your site to immerse your visitors. We can fill your Great Hall with banqueting guests, place a marauding army at your door and make your paintings whisper salacious secrets.

We call them Ambisonic Adventures. Here are some of the key benefits:


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