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The Cursed Verse will be a series of animated short films based around dark poems and ghastly verses. Each one will be voiced, scored, and animated. We want the process to be just as important as the final product, to try and explore different ways of working, push boundaries and nurture creativity.
Whether an established animator who's looking to increase their network of contacts and explore a new direction, or a student who is starting out and looking for that first project to focus on - there's something for you in The Cursed Verse.  
We are looking for talent from across a broad spectrum - from Stop-Motion to 3D, Claymation to Cut Outs. We want help to build your connections with writers, actors, producers, editors, character artists and sound designers.
The final films will be within a one to three minute time-frame so that we can focus on the quality and detail rather than the quantity. We want to create an environment where every creative has an input from initial responses right through to final production.
As well as animators, we want to champion artists who have a penchant for dark, deviant, macabre, art by providing an outlet and platform for your work, adding the possibiliy of your work being animated.
Drop us an Email with a link to your work. We want to get to know you better.
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