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An Easter Adventure for Young Eggsplorers


Eggstravaganza is an interactive audio adventure that turns your young visitors into

Eggsplorers and leads them on an egg hunt they will never forget.

Goldie Goose has misplaced her hoard of easter eggs and she needs help to find

them. Along the way, your young eggsplorers will encounter a host of woodland

animals including cheeky rabbits, belligerent badgers and excitable toads.

With interactive challenges and vibrant characters, Eggstravaganza combines the

excitement of an easter trail while celebrating the rich diversity of British animals.

After each challenge, the eggsplorers get a stamp on their Eggstravaganza card.

The experience features our uniquely engaging immersive storytelling, 3D audio

design and child-friendly listening devices (Podcatchers). It is designed to work in

any space and can be run by one staff member.

The experience works both indoors and outdoors and is simple to install.

Eggstravaganza is the perfect addition to a fun-packed Easter Holiday.

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