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Join innovative writers, acclaimed actors, masterful musicians, adventurous animators, and evocative artists from across the globe.
The Cursed Verse is a collection of ghastly little fables, myths, and legends of folklore and horror. We are looking for talented creatives from across the artistic spectrum to bring them to life through voice, sound, and vision and to become part of a new collaborative movement.
Become part of a team with other creatives in our online collaboration studio. Generate ideas,  processes, and connections. Find new paths for your skills with a community of like-minded professionals.
Each project in the Cursed Verse will be collectively owned by the group that created it and can be used for portfolios, showreels, or an example of your skills for future employers. It is an opportunity to elevate and broaden the scope of our collective work.
Take a look at an example of a starting point for The Cursed Verse.

This is a tough time for everybody across the creative industries, financially and spiritually. It can be lonely and hard to galvanize our artistry. We offer this project as an opportunity to flex your creative wings, meet other artists, and to explore new, exciting ways of working. 
Each cursed Verse project will join to become part of an interactive online experience, housed in a world where an audience can explore the subjects of the Verses and find out about the artists who created them.
We are open to exploring ways in which to turn this work into something that might
yield some revenue. Should this be the case, rest assured that in the spirit of
collaboration it would be split equally between collaborators.
For the moment though, it is purely for the opportunity to grow and create as artists.
To find out more about how you can become part of this, explore the links below.
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